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At times safes tent to be too safety cautions even to the owner itself. What happens if the safes is unable to be opened? Based on the high tech materials used to build the safes, no one can simply and easily break the safes.

VALORFORCE® always believes in a good before-and-after sales business. Customers can always get in touch with VALOFORCE® team in case of accidental lock or forgotten combination. The company's team will provide force-open safe service for such cases.

Understanding the needs of customers is always essentials in VR Solution business. The best form of obtaining this is by proper and clear communication between the staff and customers.

Providing a 100% customer oriented services to cater the demands and requirement of each customer. This is also help the company to continously improve on the quality of the safety products.

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Customers who intent to know more on VALORFORCE® product information can contact VR Solution directly by clicking the botton below. Our company's representatives are well-trained to deliver technical and professional knowledge to help customers on the selection of the safes.


VR Solution understands that the safes for commercial lots are mostly heavy and require assistance in transferring to the customer's location. VR Solution offers safe relocation and installation service at a reasonable charges.

Moving to another house / office?
Want to change your safes location?

No idea how to use your safes?
Need some technical advise?

Lost Key? Forgot Password?
Emergency Issues?


Customers can connect to VR Solution through WeChat paid service. Besides, customers can also contact VALORFORCE® at customer care line +603-80790080 and +603-80807662. Customers may also send us email at VR Solution team is always ready to assist customers on their inquiries and provide relevant solutions within a prompt time.

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