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In view of nowadays' rising burglary and crimes, VALORFORCE® realizes this is committed for the creation of ultimate French Technologically advanced safes and products, providing people a peaceful mind.

VR Solutions Sdn Bhd was established in year 2007 by Nelson Choong and a group of friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The reason for company's founding was ensuing from the opportunities observed and discussed among the five founding directors that home and commercial safety products have a lot of potential in the market.

VR Solution Sdn Bhd, frequenly shortened as VR Solution, stands for VIABLE and RELIABLE solutions, it is a company that specializes in safes and safety products. The safety products are designed based on the advanced French Technology under the brand VALORFORCE® and have the highest quality and reliability, offering a complete secure and safe storage for valuable assets. Due to the overwhelming response from customers, VR Solution is currently an international recognized company and have four branches located around Asian regions.


Taking a step forward to see beyond the current safety problems, providing endless inventions and solutions to completely eliminate to problems.


VR Solution will contribute innovative safety solutions to the people throughout Malaysia with its cutting edge French based technology which has world class safety features that will serve well in the safety market.


To provide Viable and Reliable solutions to both enterprises and individuals; To practice and encourage rock-solid teamwork within VR Solution management; and to continuously develop creative and innovative safety products using cutting edge French Technology


VR Solution aims to deliver positive impact through VALOFORCE® products to a wide range of customers, including the private sectors, Government agencies and households.


Protecting valuable things is the idea developed by VR Solution. Each series of safes and products is created with full attention and supervision to ensure the highest quality possible.

The Advantage of VALORFORCE® included:

• Incorporated with the state-of-the-art technology, the French based technology.
• Safes come in various sizes that are suitable for multiple users and purposes.
• Proven results on the resistance of any form of mechanical tools attack.
• Easy to be handled and is completely reliable.
• Most of the safety products come with bolt automatic and manual operations.


In VR Solution Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as VR Solution), our success is a reflection of our people and we love what we do. We are a dynamic and energetic group of professionals, providing excellence and integrity services are our main objective. You will find our people unique in the way we care about our customers. Our teams are equipped with many years of experience, along with the knowledge and confidence in their field of work. With a well-trained professional team and abundance of experience behind them, VR Solution is able to provide fast and good quality services to our customers.

The key to all of our successes and productive operations comes from our responsible management team. Our management team is as versatile and diverse as our products and services. They give us boundless attainment and their bountiful of experiences and ideas contributes to our continued success. With such a strong support behind us, we believe that any challenges or hardships can be overcome. Given to their diverse professional capabilities, our people are confident to offer niche skills suitable to a wide variety of customers. We pride ourselves for providing the highest quality of services to our customer and commit ourselves to further improve the long-term stability of our customer network throughout the country.

Our team is led by our Managing Director Mr Nelson Choong, with a combined 20 years in safes industry. Together with all our experienced and well trained Professional Consultant Team.

Management Team

Group CEO

Mr Nelson Choong


Business Advisor

DR Jason Doo

General Manager

Ms Carmen Chew

Sales Manager

Mr Tila


Marketing Manager

Ms Venus Wong

Sales Team

Administration & Financial Team

Group Accountant

Mr Ansen Chong


Finance Manager

Ms Venus Choong


Transportation & Sales Support Team

Transportation Director

Mr Raj

Senior Technical Support

Mr Hardy

IT & Technology Team

IT & Web Support

Ms Jessie Ng