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Save the date for an exceptional showcase of high quality and finest home furnishings by Babakagu MY from 10th July - 21st July at BSC Concourse!


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EasyKey 9100
Open the door to the fast and simple future life. Philips EasyKey 9100 series push-pull smart door lock is the multiple protections in one for all-around home security, hidden C-grade lock cylinder for anti-theft performance, auto locking, voice guide, all these comfortable feeling brought by the humanized detail designs, as well as the visual pleasures of a streamlined body and colour blending of a deep texture.
Enjoy your fast and smart lifestyle with Philips EasyKey series.

Philips EasyKey 9100推拉式智能门锁,是一个全面型的家庭门锁,隐藏式指纹传感器可免受恶意破坏,自动上锁、语音提示,让您享受安全进出家门的便捷体验,人性化细节设计带来的舒适感受,流线型机身与深邃质感配色,带来时尚美观的外型。
Philips EasyKey智能门锁,让您智享快而简的未来时尚生活。


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Thank you . Bangsar shopping Complex

Valorforce specialise in safes consultation, safes service & repair , safes relocation and safes installation. For further questions , please contact them at 016-238 7999


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EasyKey 6100
Tired of always forgetting the keys or struggle with the old worn out door lock? With the Philips EasyKey 6100 series, you can leave the old keys behind and embrace an affordable smart new life. Philips 6100 series push-pull smart door lock is tailored for a modern new home, elegant and sleek out look, completed with multiple protection for your home safety, one-key anti-thef mode for instant inside unlock alarm, wireless network extension prepared you for the future smart life.

安装Philips EasyKey 6100系列智能门锁,告别旧时阴匙,迎接可负担的时尚智能生活。Philips EasyKey 6100推拉式智能门锁,时尚的外型设计契合年轻人的品味,优雅小巧机身备有多功能保护性能,一键防盗模式、双重验证解锁,为家居安全提供双重保障。无线网络扩展功能,让您迎接未来的智能生活。


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Hi, we are currently working towards in making the website back to business as usual. We are truly sorry as the website is still under maintenance.

Please bear with us as we work to get the website up and running. Stay tuned for the updates! We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.


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Thank you. ikoin 😊😊.

繼上一支保險箱該擺放在哪裡之後,很多人敲碗的 #選購系列 趁著馬來同胞過年前來分享保險箱的 5 大重點。抓著重點,再依據居家環境和個人喜好做出選擇吧~ 錢才會花在刀口上!



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EasyKey 5100
Say goodbye to the key-only era and hello to the smart door lock, protect your family and home with the latest smart door lock from Philips, EasyKey 5100. It is simple and compact design, you don't have to remove the traditional door lock, just installed the Philip EasyKey and throw away the old keys. Auto locking, voice guide, one-time temporary password for more convenience in your life.

Change, is at your fingertips.

以Philips最新的智能门匙保护您的家园与家人安全。Philips EasyKey 5100辅助式智能指纹锁,简洁实用的设计,您无需拆卸原来的门锁也能直接安装。改变,岂只一点,EasyKey 5100辅助式智能指纹锁能自动上锁、语音提示、一次性密码给您更简便的生活。轻薄小巧,安装便捷,轻松打造您的私人空间。


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We now have a concept store at The Garden second floor (Lot S-219), feel free to drop us a visit and discover some of the world most sturdy and security safe boxes.

家有Valorforce,放心无忧!受广大顾客青睐的Valorforce在The Gardens商场的概念店位于Lot S-219, second floor,欢迎朋友们莅临惠顾。

The PROMET safe
Meet the extremely durable safe box from Bulgaria, The PROMET safe is proudly certified by ECB-S and ISO 9001 with Det Norske Veritas, all the world leading certification organisations in the world, this burglar and fire resistance safe is reinforced with a special type of patented, Ultra High Performance Concrete, with increased hardness compared to traditional concrete, comparable to solid stone, making it virtually impossible to breach, and one of the most reliable safe box to protect your jewelleries, documents and all the precious belonging.

你付出信任我回报安全!为回馈新老客户的支持与厚爱,目前我们推出了新品系列- PROMET。众所周知,来自保加利亚的PROMET保险箱非常耐用。 PROMET的质量管理体系经ECB-S认证,并通过了世界领先的认证机构之一Det Norske Veritas的ISO9001质量认证,以最高的防护标准缔造卓越品质。 PROMET BM40采用特殊类型的专利超高性能混凝土加固,与传统混凝土相比硬度更高,它的坚固程度可与实心石媲美,几乎可达到坚不可破的程度。

The Fort Knox
Know as the "America's Best" and "Most Trusted Name in Security" for over 30 years, The Fort Knox safes almost need no introduction. Having perfected the art of making premium safes with unequalled security, the exclusive Fort Knox GR60 comes with the world-famous Reinforced Fire Door, which protects at temperatures up to 1680 Fahrenheit in 90 minutes! This is the industry's thickest steel made from only the best materials, Star Corner Bolts and custom interiors built to fit your needs. Fort Knox also surpasses industry standards set by Underwriters Laboratory, the largest non-profit consumer protection organization.

来自美国的Fort Knox保险箱,它被称为“美国最佳”和“安保设备中最值得信赖的名字”超过30年,诺克斯堡通过创新和对质量的保证赢得了行业的美誉度。独家Fort Knox GR60完美缔造了高级保险箱的艺术,它具有无与伦比的安全性,配备世界驰名的强化防火门,它采用业界最厚的钢材,可在在温度高达1680华氏度的环境下提供90分钟的耐久保护,Star Corner螺栓和定制内饰可满足您的需求。 Fort Knox甚至还超过了最大的非营利性消费者保护组织Underwriters Laboratory设定的行业标准。

HEVER Safes are about preserving tradition, protecting value for eternity, safeguard your heirloom for the next generation. Made with sturdiest materials of low-carbon alloy steel, HEVER safe is the latest combination of science and art, carefully crafted and precisely constructed to surpass international security standards, quality inspection and the expectations of the most discerning critic.


VR Phenomenal, Ultimate X
When classic design meets futuristic security, we have the finest, world-class safes, promising ultimate security, VR Phenomenal, Ultimate X. Whether you are a watch collector, jewellery lover or rare artifact owner, you will appreciate the painstaking attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship that goes into constructing these safes. The Storm Wind Thread Lock securing the safe and preventing it from all forms of force, strike and pry attacks, the advanced biometric technology ensures that your safe can only be unlocked by your unique fingerprint. You can also customize with more than ten lock combinations, for added protection.

VR Phenomenal, Ultimate X保险柜同样也是钟表收藏家,珠宝爱好者们的首选,打开柜门,你会对它在细节上的精湛工艺所叹服。坚固的12毫米厚门,四个独特的螺栓,包括Storm Wind Thread Lock固定保险箱,防止各种形式的力量,撞击和撬动攻击,先进的生物识别技术确保您的保险箱只能允许通过您独特的指纹解锁。您还可以使用十多种锁组合进行自定义设防,以获得额外的安全保护。



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Valorforce FB contest
Visit Valorforce showcase to win big! Share your photo taken with Valorforce logo during our showcase or any Valorforce safes before 5th May on your facebook and #Valorforce, most unique or creative picture will win a VR-Nana safes and RM300 cash!
Valorforce reserves the absolute right on the final result and to amend the contest T&C without prior notice.

Valorforce The F1RST Showcase
Date: 22nd-28th April 2019
Location: The Gardens Mall Ground Floor
Contest ends: 5th May 2019

出席Valorforce showcase赢大礼!只要和现场的Valorforce logo合照,或与任何Valorforce的保险箱合照,并于今年5月5日之前上传到面子书,#Valorforce,我们会选出最有创意或最特别的一张,并送出一个VR-Nana型号保险箱以及300令吉现金!

Valorforce The F1RST Showcase
地点:吉隆坡The Garden商场底楼