Contrary to common hotel safes, the smallest Stockinger model does not have to be hidden. Thanks to its clear modern design and its top-notch manufacture, it matches any design-oriented hotel interior perfectly.


Technical Details

 Dimensions (HxWxD): 25 x 45 x 35 cm (+ 4 cm control panel)
 Dimensions (HxWxD): 9.8 x 17.7 x 13.8 inches (+ 1.6“ control panel)
 Net weight: ca. 26 kg
 Electronic locking system Primor 3200 with emergency key
 Four digit security code, individually adjustable by each guest
 1 master code
 May be anchored to wall or floor
 Power supply via 9V monoblock battery



 Stockinger Gold or Silver


 Stockinger Suede “black”

The best hospitality safes in the world.

Guests continue to expect better service and quality at restaurants and hotels. At Stockinger we create compact hotel safes with the same perfection as our customised high security safes. Our ultimate goal: the security and satisfaction of your guests.

Elegant hotel safes for your luxury hotel.

As the operator of a luxury hotel or chalet, you know your guests and what they require. Security, both personal and when it comes to valuables, is decisive in making your guests feel welcome and comfortable at your establishment. Hotel safes by Stockinger combine the highest security standards with modern design and handcrafted perfection. You won’t find a more beautiful hotel safe.

How secure is a Stockinger safe?

The security of a hotel safe designed to be incorporated into furniture or mounted on the wall primarily depends on how it is bolted down– either through the back wall or the floor. The Primor 3200 electronic locking system, which comes with an emergency key, uses a four-digit security code that can be individually configured by each guest. The hotel management receives a master code for each safe that can be used if a guest forgets to remove their valuables from the safe before checking out.

Why use Stockinger safes at your hotel?

Our handcrafted safes can be found in the world’s top hotels, resorts and chalets. The combination of security, handcrafted perfection and custom design make Stockinger the brand for luxury safes and a symbol of the excellent quality of your establishment.

Looking to buy a safe? We can help.

If you are looking to buy new safes, we would be happy to take the time to provide you with an extensive consultation. Feel free to contact us for your personal consultation at any time.