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VR Trap Safe

The other name for this range will be Night Deposit Safe. It designed to operate in situation that requires secure deposit of cash or valuable item into the safe without the need to open the safe.


External Dimension

H  486mm (19")   W  513mm (20.2")   D  450mm (17.7")

Internal Dimension

H  248mm (9.8")   W  375mm (14.8")   D  281mm (11.1")

* Approximate Gross Weight: 180kg ±


External Dimension

H  767mm (30.2")   W  487mm (19.2")   D  520mm (20.5")

Internal Dimension

H  529mm (20.8")   W  349mm (13.7")   D  351mm (13.8")

* Approximate Gross Weight: 270kg ±

Body & Drawer

This upper safe added with drawer trap easy use benefits fast food restaurant, shops, petrol station and many more. Standard with fire resistant rating and anti burglary system provide optimum security for items stored in the safe.

Locking Mechanism

This series comes with three wheel combination lock and key lock.


There is 2 available models to suits your need and both the door can be opening fully vertical for easier to store large document and file.


This model comes with 1 adjustable shelf, 1 drawer trap and 1 built-in drawer (only available for VR-300T model).

* Measurement may be vary as weights & dimensions approximate only
* Consistent with our policy of continuing improvement, we reserved the right to alter any parts of these specifications without notice and without incurring any obligations.

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