VR-Vault Door

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VR-Vault Door

This vault door is specially designed to protect vault and strongroom built for financial institutions, jewelers, pawnshops and other end user.


Using thick and dense door chassis which encased with specially formulated barrier material to provide high resistant against high speed drills, oxy attack, force & mechanical tools.


Press-formed technology with the lock case as an integral part of the structure. The door overall with effective protective material measuring 175mm.

Locking Mechanism

This series comes with three wheel combination lock and 7 lever key lock. Additional deadlock device will lock up the moving bolts if force attack were executed the door & the lock.


Comprise 6 bolts with 45mm diameter heavy duty moving bolts with smooth eccentric cam mechanical system. The hinge is a vertical reinforced interlocking rebate system to further strengthen the boltwork. This provides protection and the door will remain shut and locked even when the hinges are cut off.


Customer may request for stainless steel finishing comes with extra cost.

* Measurement may be vary as weights & dimensions approximate only
* Consistent with our policy of continuing improvement, we reserved the right to alter any parts of these specifications without notice and without incurring any obligations.

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