Here, you'll find a comprehensive listing of watches to best determine the type of watch winder you require. To begin, search for the first letter of your watch's manufacturer or model, or by typing its name in the search bar.

Brand Model Turn Direction Turns Per Day
Waldan International 18K Chronograph: 0181 Both 500
18K Chronometer Chronograph: 0192 Both 500
18K Chronometer Chronograph: 0195 Both 500
18K Power Reserve Chronometer: 0800 Both 500
18K Retro Alarm Chronometer: 0850 Both 500
Astronic Chronometer: 0950 Both 500
Blue Dial Chronograph w/day & month CW 800
Blue DialChronograph w/day, date, month, moon Both 650
Waldan World Time Chronometer Both 500
Waltham Crescent Both 650-960
Lord Waltham by Cedric Johner Both 650
Sir Waltham Both 650-960
Waltham Fidalgo TBD TBD
Waltham Lone Eagle TBD TBD
Waltham Lone Eagle Unique Piece TBD TBD
Welder K-28: 7200 CCW 800
K-28: 7300 CCW 800
Wempe Zeitmeister Automatic CW 650-800
Zeitmeister Automatic Chronometer Both 650
Zeitmeister Automatic Chronometer Chronograph CW 800
Zeitmeister Ceramik Chronograph CW 800
Zeitmeister Chronograph XL CW 800
Zeitmeister Large Automatic Chronometer w/ Power Reserve Indicator CW 800
Zeitmeister Moon-Phase w/ Full Calendar Both 650
Zeitmeister World-Time Watch Both 650
Wenger Watch Aero Master Automatic: 78190, 78199 CW 800
Aqua Master Automatic: 78189 CW 800
Classic Automatic: 78170, 78179 CW 800
Terra Master Auto: 78100, 78109, 78110, 78119 CW 800
West End Watch Co. Heritage Both 650
Prima Day Date Automatic TBD TBD
Queen Anne: 6835 Both 650
Silk Road I: 8000 Both 650
Silk Road II: 8020 Both 650
Silk Road III: 8050 Both 650
Sowar 1916: 6832 Both 650
Sowar 2000 Both 650
Sowar Chronograph: 8080 CW 800
Trafalgar Square: 8060 TBD TBD
William Gabus Louis William Gabus - The Le Locle Model Both 650
Louis William Gabus - The Maurice Model Both 650
Transmatic Model Big Date Both 650
Transmatic Model Power Reserve Both 650-950
Transmatic Model Regulator Both 650-950
Wyler Geneve Code-R Chronograph Both 650
Code-R GMT Both 650
Code-R Tantalum Chronograph Ltd. Ed. Dakar Both 650
Code-S Chronograph Both 650
Wyler Vetta Automatic Chrono Both 650
Automatic Chrono Rose Gold Moon Phases CW 800
Automatic Chrono Stainless Steel and Gold Moon Phases CW 800
Automatic Date Both 650
Automatic Date Tonneau Both 650
Code R Chronograph: 100 Both 650
Code R GMT: 200 Both 650
Code S Chronograph: S04 Both 650
Dakar Chronograph TBD TBD
El Camino Real Chronograph Both 650
FIGC Chronograph TBD TBD
Valency Both 650

Indicates the optimal turn direction for winding purposes.