VR 200


VR 200

This safe is built to fit the home user desire to have a smaller size and able fit in most of their allocated home space. It makes possible for small and medium size houses such as condominium,single or double storey and mini office.


Special formulated ingredient called 'matrixite' to offer proven resistant against hand drill, mechanical tools & OXY-acetylene torch.


Same material as body to protects your belongings inside the safe from fire and burglary. The door slab thickness is about 50mm.

Locking Mechanism

The series comes with three wheel combination lock. Addition deadlock device will lock up the moving bolts if force attack were executed the door & the lock.

Internal Fitting

It supplied with one adjustable shelf.

External Dimension

H  517mm (20.3")  W  454mm (17.7")  D  456mm (17.9")

Internal Dimension

H  400mm (15.7")  W  371mm (14.2")  D  360mm (14.2")

* Approximate Gross Weight: 200kg(441lbs) ±
* Measurement may be vary as weights & dimensions approximate only
* Consistent with our policy of continuing improvement, we reserved the right to alter any parts of these specifications without notice and without incurring any obligations.

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